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Founded in 2003 , we began manufacturing high quality parts in order to meet the market needs in the replacement of components for pneumatic tools , providing exclusively to companies providing services in maintenance and resale .

Faced with the need of the market to purchase new equipment , we were encouraged by our customers to create the complete engineering of the product, thus giving birth to the supply of pneumatic tools , especially in the area of material removal .

Later execute special projects in distress , reaction bars , devices and other equipment to meet the expectations of our customers .

Today Partner keeps the manufacture of machining in itself , given by its Partners throughout Brazil , several segments with a line of pneumatic tools such as grinders and sanders for finishing , removing light and heavy hammers rebarbadores , nutrun large , engines , hammer and heavy punchers floor and countertop.

Our core values are employees , partners , suppliers and customers , that over time forms the Family Partner Pneumatics, certifying and securing our quality , thus ensuring the best service to all involved in this process .

Factory: Partner Pneumática Ind. Com. Ltda

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel.: (11) 4220-3222


Rua dos Palmares, 59 - Jd. Orlandina - CEP 09632-070 São Bernardo do Campo - SP | Tel.: (11) 4220-3222 - (11) 4220-3600

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